Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hey all!



This has been something I have been thinking about for over a year now. I noticed this summer that I wasn't getting the views I normally get while I was using Blogger. I thought it was weird and I have been promoting my blog and networking and growing but my blog itself its views were going down. That's when I knew it was time to get some help.

I knew that I wanted to change to a different website URL but I wanted to find a good hosting site. I had gotten a few bloggers telling me that their website had crashed through blogger and had lost everything. I really didn't want that to happen to me. I asked around and heard about many hosting sites. I found SiteGround and it is super affordable and they helped me do everything. Starting my Wordpress account and transferring EVERYTHING over to this blog. They were incredibly helpful.

So here we are guys! I will be posting on my new domain here from now on.

Thank you so much to all the people still here and reading 4 years later after making this change and growing with me. I appreciate all of you readers more than you know.

Here is to some new beginnings and a new post this Friday on my new site ;)


Fall Spotlight Color: Purple

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hey all!

I feel like every season I end up hanging on a certain color. During Spring it was blush tones, during the summer I wore lots of blue, and for this fall my spotlight color is going to be.... *drum roll*... PURPLE!

I have been wearing it more often since August and buying more shades of purple from a light antique purple, deep wine, and even lilacs. I also just bought this purple blanket scarf that I can't wait to wear.

Wedding Style 101

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hey all!

This post is something I am SO excited to finally talk about. Today we are talking about the etiquette of how to dress when you are invited to a wedding! I don't talk about wedding outfits often, but perhaps we should change that.

For the gents, The Black Tux is a great option that is out there. They are an online tuxedo rental company that also offers suit rentals and other formal wear for occasions like prom, weddings, etc. No matter what the occasion they can make you look your best, but not better than the bride ;). Below is a handy guide created to help you in any type of wedding occasion you might encounter this season!

Ladies, they have great tips for you as well so don't feel left out! Me, myself and I have to have a plan for EVERYTHING in my life. So it's no surprise that I need a little guidance on whats appropriate for each occasion.

  • If you're going to a wedding like this I recommend not being too casual (jeans, distressed, t-shirts) The best advice? Dress like you were going to church. So a sundress will do!

  • Check out the picture below! I decided to give you a good wedding option since I like visuals and not just descriptions. It's something you can wear to a wedding even if you don't know the dress code.
  • The only formal event I attended was my prom and my fraternity's banquet last year. For these fancy occasions, I recommend a long dress or cocktail dress. Stick to black or muted colors if you are doing a long evening dress so you don't take away from the bride or bridal party.
Since it is fall, my last piece of advice is for any fall wedding you plan to attend.  I would wear something in the fall colored realm: hunter green, mustard yellow, or like my wine colored dress below. I also gave some more options here for you:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //
Floral patterns are always great for any occasion/event. I personally want something that is plain in color so I can dress it up with my fabulous jewelry. Dresses with bell sleeves or a type of knit are comfortable and stylish!

I hope you like this post and I look forward to giving tips for other seasons!


Dress- Old Navy+{here}// Heels- Target// Necklace- Sugarfix{Bauble Bar}// 
Earrings- Sugarfix// Bracelet's- Torrid//

4 Tips On How I Transition Seasons

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hey all!

It is officially September. I have broken out my fall candles/sprays and even ordered a new blanket scarf. Even though it's still in the 90s here in AZ and probably won't be cooling down until end of October, it doesn't mean I can't cheat the system! Even though it is still rather hot here I usually cheat and wear summer items with my fall items until I can fully transition into cardigans, boots, and sweaters. Here are just a few tips I find helpful:

Updated Office Space

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hey all!

This post has been a project of mine all summer. I had moved home and wanted to make sure that my office space in my room was just right and organized. I finally have something that is a cheap solution if you're like me, a college student and in between needing an office space and a desk to do your homework, you need something that is affordable but also stylish!

Obviously, I don't have oodles of money to revamp my office space. So I opted for this wonderful thing called the dollar section at Target. I also have some items from Marshalls, Francesca's, Joanne's, etc. Money is stressful and you definitely don't need to break the bank just to get your desk area organized the way you want or if you need to redo a room in your house Earnest can help you! They are great to lean on if you need to do something quick and fast they provide personal loans at a low-interest rate. That way you can get what you need to finish that project your significant other has been nagging you about.

My overall budget to redecorate my room/office area was to not spend more than $150-$200. I ended up repainting which took a good chunk from that budget. But it is well worth it since now my room looks a lot more crisp, clean, & grown up. I also played with lots of colored decors to bounce off my walls. I stuck to my usual theme or gold, pink, gray, mint, and now purple. I recycled some of my old items from my apartment & made them work for my space.

 I got this acrylic file folder system from the container store for $10. The lamp is $5 from Target same as the cute file folders! I have these two multi colored designed organizers on top of my desk that were probably $20 total, the one on the left houses my school year items and the one on the right has the year before's textbooks I actually liked. The pencil holder was about $3 plus all of the pencils and such inside were $2-$4. My little succulent is a catch all for change or rings, that was about $8. I reused my gold coasters I got from Marshalls for about $12. I found this super cute stapler from Target for $5 and yes it does work!

The corkboard and octagons are also from Target I got for about $15 and $5. My paddle is obviously was a gift made for me but I think it is from Joanne's for like $15 (in case you're someones Big and are looking for them!) The purple water color quote was also a gift but that canvas you can get from Joanne's for probably $15. The pineapple I got at a fair it was about $30. All the photos you see I printed for free through Parabopress.com. The vase & candle are from Francesca's as well for about $12 & $15. Finally, I got the frames for my degree, and photos from Target they were $10 each.

I know I gave a lot of information but I loved doing this project so much! I am happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!


Back-To-Campus Look

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hey all!

I have already put up my back to school backpack essentials a few weeks ago. Which is super close to what I have in my backpack this year.  But I decided to do a back to campus look of what I normally wear to my classes. Plus showing off my backpack! I was planning on doing a flatlay of all my items but decided not to since you guys already know from the other post what I have. If you want me to go over what I have in my backpack then I totally can just comment below!

School starts on Monday for me! I am excited for this year to start with my new adult job and my last year and semester of school left. I think everyone their senior year or last stretch they are just ready to already graduate. Which is totally me right now, I am so ready to be done and out in the world with a degree!

Anyway, so usually when I am on campus I wear a college t-shirt and jeans/shorts and birkenstocks. Since I am sitting for so long I just want to be comfy. But for this post, I usually wear something a little nicer now since I am coming and going from my job. I opt for a bralette and a cotton tee that has some time of criss crosses on it. With some distressed jeans, these light wash with distressed cuffs is my favorite. I have these rose gold birks and then my initial necklace.

Hope you enjoy!


Go-To Summer Outfit

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hey all!

I can't believe I start senior year in a week and a new job on Wednesday. Everything is happening so fast and it is exciting! I can't wait to have a great year full of change and lots of new memories.

I already got my planner and backpack and all my things for my classes. I'll be doing a separate post of where I got everything on Wednesday. But I wanted just new/different everything because I just needed fresh start at this new school to finish strong.

Moving on to this outfit, it has become my go to outfit to wear this summer when I have run out of ideas. I got this dress from Rue 21+ when tie-dye became a thing for 5 min again. But honestly, I love tie-dye so much I used to wear tie-dye shirts all the time when I was younger. So go figure at 21 I wear tie-dye dresses now.

I also found the PERFECT ripped jean jacket & it's cropped which is great. I love putting it into my outfits to make it edgier and less put together. I found these shoes at DSW on super sale and they are the most comfortable heels I have ever owned. I can wear them for hours. Then I put my favorite hat on and jewelry from Francesca's.

Tempe Photographer Rylie took these photos for me. You should checkout her page here. I can't wait to collab with her again. I hope you enjoyed this outfit!


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